Medicare Supplement

You’ve spent your entire life preparing for retirement. Shouldn’t you have time to enjoy it instead of having to deal with medical insurance?

Medicare is easy to learn, but hard to understand.

Nothing has the ability to dry up your retirement income like selecting the wrong Medicare plan. With over 16 years of experience in Medicare and Medicare Supplements, I help seniors understand their choices with Medicare. Furthermore, I advocate for them to ensure that they are getting the best value for their fixed income dollars.

I work with the highest quality Medigap insurance companies to make sure that you are adequately protected. However, the best quality company for you is rarely the company with the highest name recognition. Companies like United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, and Blue Cross Blue Shield have multiple insurance programs that suit the needs of their clients. However, in Michigan, there are a host of other companies that offer the same benefits, are equally financially stable, and have similar history in the marketplace, with a much better value to your premium dollar.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare saves money by allowing private insurance companies to manage your Medicare health insurance. This is known as Medicare Advantage. It’s required to offer all of the same basic benefits as the government ran program.

Often you see Medicare Advantage highlighted as the “Zero Cost Medicare Plan.” However, it’s important to know that while you’ll usually have a lower monthly premium, you’ll pay co-pays and deductibles when you use the insurance.

With Medicare, you can pay now and not pay as much when you use it, or pay later.

Medicare Advantage is the pay later option.

Shopping For Medicare Insurance Can Be Confusing

Trying to figure out all of your options concerning Medicare programs can be hard! Is Medicare Advantage better or worse than getting a Medicare Supplement?

Look, you could spend hours researching information about Medicare using and still be confused about what your options are and which companies are best for your situation. 

Instead, you can speak with an agent that works to find out what your needs are and presents you solutions based on your specific situation. 

Here’s the kicker: If you already have the best option for you, I’ll tell you and we can move forward as friends. 

I don’t hard sell or trick people into buying something that isn’t in their best interest. I build my business by offering sound advice and advocating for my clients, not a quick sale where you never hear from me again.

When you work with Travis Price, you’re never figuring out Medicare on your own again!

Check out this page to learn more about me and my background. You deserve an insurance agent that takes the time to stay in contact with you when it’s important and someone that you’ll love bragging to your friends about when they talk about having to figure out their healthcare on their own.