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Helping You Navigate Medicare Is What I Do!

Thinking about insurance is the worst; am I right? 

Here’s the truth, you wouldn’t be on this page unless you’re ready to get serious about making sure your Medicare plan is the right one for you. So congrats on finding out if you’re on the right plan or not. 

Medicare is easy to learn, but hard to figure out!

But, the million dollar question is how do you accomplish that? That’s where I come in. 

My job is to answer questions you have about Medicare and show you programs to get the coverage you need without spending more than you need.

You Talk. I Listen. We Solve

I specialize in the Medicare market. This means I’ve taken the time to learn the in’s and out’s of Medicare to best assist my clients and efficiently use their money to get the coverage best suited for them. 


Every company that offers Medicare Supplements offers the same basic benefits. You're only shopping price and the Insurance Agent that you work with.

Don't get tricked into buying off of name alone!

Medicare Advantage

This is a cost saving program where Medicare pays a private insurance company to manage your Medicare Insurance.

While it has to offer the same basic benefits at a lower monthly premium, you will pay out of pocket when you use it.

Part D

This is your prescription drug plan. The most important things to consider are your drugs, your pharmacy, and your total costs vs just your monthly premium

I offer a number of different drug plans for Medicare to ensure you're getting the best value.

Dental Insurance

Medicare does not cover ordinary and routine dental coverage.

While it's perfectly reasonable to pay out of pocket instead of dealing with insurance (also known as self-insuring.) Many clients ask for a solution that offers a lot of value at a reasonable cost.

My Story

I’ve been in the insurance industry since 2004 when I sold Medicare Advantage and Life Insurance in Charleston, SC. 

In 2006 I met my future wife and we came to Cadillac for her sisters wedding. I fell in love with Northern Michigan and we moved up here a few months later.

I started going to college at Baker College in Cadillac and working at AAR Mobility while I finished school. In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Shortly after graduation, I started working for the State of Michigan as a Disability Examiner.

After I spent 3 years a Disability Examiner for Social Security, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She never stopped working until the day she went into the hospital to die.

She didn’t have any personal life insurance and couldn’t afford to go out on Disability, even though she qualified. It re-ignited my passion for Insurance and I became re-licensed in Michigan. 

When I tell you I understand how important life and health insurance is to a person’s quality of life, please know I’ve lived through a close family member being unprepared.

Travis Price
Licensed Agent

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