two medicare supplements

Can You Have Two Medicare Supplement Plans?

You may be wondering if having two Medicare Supplements are a good idea or not.  The fact is, you cannot have two active Medicare Supplement plans, and you wouldn’t want them if you could.  In this article, we’ll go over what a Medicare Supplement plan is, why you can’t have two, and why you won’t…
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Medicare and Rver's

Medicare For RVer’s: The Complete Guide

In today’s article, we’re going to explore Medicare for RVer’s and snowbirds.  Here in Michigan, the summers can be beautiful, but around January many of our Medicare age residents head south for the winter. This can be confusing when you spend 6-8 months in Michigan and the rest of the time in another state.  So…
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HSA's and Medicare

Can I Use An HSA To Pay Medicare Supplement Premiums?

HSA’s and Medicare can be tricky to maneuver. Not only do you have to worry about what you can use your funds on when you’re in retirement, but you also need to know how to avoid a taxable event when you’re about to retire from work.  You cannot use HSA funds to pay for Medicare…
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Change Medicare Supplements

When Can You Change Medicare Supplements?

“When can I change Medicare Supplements?” That’s the question I often find online with sites like Quora, online searches, and even with people concerned about their Medicare Supplement plan. The answer is simple: “You can change Medicare Supplement plans any time of the year you want. As long as you can medically qualify.”  Today’s article…
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Medicare Supplement Rate Increase History

Medicare Supplement Rate Increase History: Does It Matter?

I have many seniors on Medicare like to ask me about  Medicare Supplement rate increase history to determine if a company will remain stable or not.  Medicare Supplement rate increase history does very little to determine if a company’s rates will remain  stable. Just like the stock market, past experiences do not determine future results. …
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Aetna Medicare Supplements In michigan

Aetna Medicare In Michigan: The Complete Review!

Is Aetna Medicare in Michigan the best company to work with? What sort of plans does Aetna offer?  In today’s article, we review the Aetna family of companies in Michigan, including the newly launched collaboration with CVS, Accendo Insurance Company and if it would affect the current Michigan Aetna plan, underwritten by Continental Life Insurance…
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AARP United Health Medicare Michigan Plans

United Healthcare Medicare Michigan AARP Plans Review

United Healthcare Michigan Medicare Supplement plans are the most popular in the state, but are they the best value for your Medicare dollars? In this article we’ll explore the only company endorsed by AARP to sell Medigap plans and if they’re right for you! Wonder if AARP Medicare Plans are the best for you? For…
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Priority Health Michigan Medicare Supplements

Priority Health Michigan Medicare Plans: The Complete Review

Are Priority Health Michigan Medicare plans the best value for your fixed income? In this article we’ll explore what Priority Health has to offer Medicare participants and if it’s the best plan for you! Have a Priority Health Medicare Supplement and want a better value? For a FREE INSURANCE QUOTE, fill out the form to…
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Medicare Plans Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Medicare programs are one of the most post popular for Medicare beneficiaries in Michigan. In this article, we’ll review what Blue Cross Blue Shield offers and if it’s the best plan your your needs.  Do you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Medicare Supplement and want a…
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Medicare Supplements in MI

Medicare Supplements In Michigan: Best and Worst Companies

Shopping for Medicare supplements in Michigan can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true if you’ve just entered Medicare and you’ve been bombarded with marketing mailers and phone calls until you finally just pick someone and buy a plan. After a few years, you get a bit more experience with Medicare and start…
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