Coronavirus and life insurance

The Coronavirus and Life Insurance: The Complete Guide

With the Coronavirus reaching pandemic levels in certain countries, like Iran, you may be concerned on how the Coronavirus and life insurance may be impacted.  In today’s article, we’ll talk about the following items: What is the Coronavirus? How can I protect myself from infection? Will I have difficulty with underwriting with the Coronavirus and…
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Life Insurance for real estate agents

Life Insurance For Real Estate Agents

Life insurance for Real Estate Agents can be complicated. Unlike most professionals, the IRS clearly states that the vast majority of Real Estate Agents are self-employed. This creates a number of questions for Real Estate Agents about life insurance and how they should approach it.  In this article, we’ll explore the most common questions that realtor’s may…
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Your Family needs mortgage protection life insurance

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance: How It Protects You

In today’s article, we’re going to explore Mortgage Protection Life Insurance and how it can be used to protect your family with one of the most important purchases of your entire life.  The stereotypical “American Dream” involves a cute house with a small picket fence. According to Experian, the average mortgage loan debt has reached $202,284,…
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term life insurance for smokers blog

Life Insurance For Smokers: The Complete Guide

Getting life insurance for smokers can be a frustrating event. It all starts with how much are you going to pay and should you disclose if you’re a smoker. Furthermore, which companies are more friendly towards smokers and is there a way to get non-smoker rates?  In this article, we’ll explore all of the things…
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Life Insurance Memes

Life Insurance Memes: The Top 41 Funny, Smart Memes

Life Insurance Memes: The New Digital Language I’ve scoured the Internet for 41 of the best life insurance memes. Not only do I show you may favorites, but at the bottom of this post I challenge you to make one better! After you get your chuckles out, check out this article to learn the in’s and out’s…
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Is Life Insurance From Your Employer Enough?

Life insurance from your employer seems like a pretty amazing deal. Usually, you get 1-2x’s your salary for a super cheap rate and they even take it automatically from your check. However, that 1-2x’s your salary is likely not enough to cover your families needs in the even of your passing. Luckily, some employer life…
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How The Insurance Company Makes Money

How Do Life Insurance Companies Make Money?

How do Life Insurance Companies make money when everyone dies? The life insurance companies make money in two ways: Investing premiums and lapsed policies.  Life Insurance is a financial gamble. The life insurance companies gamble that you’re going to go through the term without dying or the policy will lapse before they pay out. You’re…
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