United Healthcare Medicare Michigan Plans Review

AARP United Health Medicare Michigan Plans

United Healthcare Michigan Medicare Supplement plans are the most popular in the state, but are they the best value for your Medicare dollars?

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An Introduction To United Healthcare Medicare

United Healthcare is the only Medicare private insurance company officially endorsed by an incredibly popular Senior advocacy association. On top of that, they have the largest number of Michigan Medicare eligible enrollee’s of any insurance company in the state. 

United Healthcare has an AM Best Rating of A Excellent and are incredibly financially stable. They are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

In Michigan, UHC offers Medigap plans, Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage plans, Dental and Medicare Part D. 

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans For Michigan

*Plan F is only available to those with a Medicare Part B effective date prior to 1/1/20. ** Plan N's Coinsurance is up to $20 for doctor visits and $50 for ambulance rides that do not result in a hospital admission.

United Healthcare offers all of the most popular plans, including Plans D, F, G, and N. They offer both Guaranteed Issue and Fully Underwritten plans. 

  • Guaranteed Issue/Initial Medigap Open Enrollment: Under this type of underwriting, the insurance company cannot deny your claim due to medical issues. With guaranteed issue, you may have access to only a certain number of plans, such as C/F or D/G, depending on when you were eligible for Medicare Part B.

    Medigap Open Enrollment is the 7 month period when you first enter Medicare (or when you no longer carry credible work coverage.) It starts three months before you turn 65 to 3 months after you turn 65. During this time, you can apply with any Medigap Plan letter without medical underwriting.

  • Fully Underwritten: Any other time that you are not in the Medigap Open Enrollment, a Guaranteed Issue situation, or Special Enrollment Period in Michigan the insurance company is able to deny your claim due to your health issues. Underwriting requirements are somewhat similar between insurance companies, but can have slight differences due to Diabetes or heart conditions. It’s important that you work with an agent to find the best company for your health issues.


United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F is considered “The Cadillac” of Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan. Basically, it covers all Medicare approved coinsurance and deductibles for Parts A and B. 

Plan F seems like a great deal to most seniors. They pay the Part B premium and their Medicare Supplement premium and aren’t required to make any other payments for Medicare approved charges.

Agent’s love Plan F because it’s easy to explain and tends to be the highest cost Medigap plan in the market. This means they get the highest commission possible. 

The other downside to Plan F for Michigan Seniors is that it tends to have the highest annual increases, as the insurance company pays more out of pocket than with other plans. 

The most popular Medigap plan is the United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Plan F is no longer available to NEW Michigan United Health Medicare beneficiaries with a Part B effective date AFTER 12/31/2020. 

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G offers all of the same basic benefits as Plan F EXCEPT you are responsible for the Part B deductible. To put that into perspective, the Part B deductible for 2020 is $198.

Medicare doesn’t pay ANYTHING for Part B until the deductible and neither will the insurance company. However, in return, the premiums tend to be much lower and the increases can be decreased as well, due to less claims. 

Ultimately, the best way to make a decision if Plan G is right for you is to determine the total out of pocket costs. In order to decide this, add $16.50 to any monthly payment that you’ll have for Plan G. This is the total, including the Part B deductible, that you would pay monthly. 

Then compare that amount to Plan F’s premium and make a logical decision of if you’re overpaying with Plan F. 

United Heathcare Medicare Supplement Household Discount

United Healthcare offers a househould discount of 5% when another member of your household has a United Healthcare Michigan Medicare Supplement plan. 

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Rates In Michigan

Below are sample rates concerning  United Healthcare Michigan Medicare Supplement plans. Included are different plans, age categories, and sex for Grand Traverse County. 

As of the publishing date of this article, these rates are accurate. However, plan rates can and do change annually. When comparing Plan F to Plan G, don’t forget to add the $16.50 for the Part B deductible. 

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Non-Smoker, Female 49686

AgePlan FPlan GPlan N
73 $168.81$134.99$112.76

Non-Smoker, Male 49686

AgePlan FPlan GPlan N

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans In Michigan

United HealthcareMedicare Advantage Plans in Michigan are minimal. United Healthcare only offers on Medicare Advantage plan, which is the United Healthcare Dual Complete plan. 

This plan is for dual eligible Medicare beneficiaries only. Check out the next section to learn more. 

**UPDATED 2/15/2021** 

United Healthcare has opened one Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan with goals of expanding in the coming year. Currently, they only off a single PPO (preferred provider organization) in Macomb county. 

United Healthcare Dual Complete Michigan

United Health Dual Complete is the Medicare Advantage program for individuals that are eligible for Medicare AND Medicaid. It helps beneficiaries coordinate care between the two plans, also known as a D-SNP (Dual Special Needs Program.) 

United Healthcare Dual Complete is an HMO. HMO’s are known as Health Maintenance Organizations. Health Maintenance Organizations require you to select a doctor as the Primary Care Physician. 

PCP’s help enrollee’s coordinate care. United Healthcare Dual Complete Michigan does not require referrals if you use in-network specialists. Furthermore, you have worldwide emergency coverage.

Finally, Dual Complete offers additional benefits for dual eligible Medicare enrollee’s. These include the following:

  •  Health Product Cards- Up to $1,100 annually that you can use to purchase healthcare products at Walgreen’s; such as pain relievers or oral care products.
  • $2,000 in dental services
  • 24 one way rides for healthcare needs using Transportation Assistance.
  • Free gym membership to thousands of participating gyms (not Silver Sneakers.)
In order to be eligible for United Healthcare Dual Complete Michigan, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You qualify for FULL Medicaid Benefits
  • You qualify for Medicare 
  • You  live in an eligible service are 

United Healthcare Michigan Medicare Plans And Silver Sneakers

United Healthcare Michigan Plans do not offer Silver Sneakers. According to NPR, United Healthcare reduced their contract with Silver Sneakers

United Healthcare has replaced this program with their own “for fee” that can cost up to $50 a month for members. 

United Healthcare Medicare Part D

I’m not going to go into too much detail about United Healthcare Medicare Part D plans. The reason why is that Part D consists of formularies. In short, a formulary is the insurance company’s drug list, including the tiers. An insurance company has the ability to change their formulary provided they follow the basic requirements outlined by Medicare and CMS.

Instead, I’m going to give you a few tips about Part D.

  1. Medicare Supplements do not offer usually cover outpatient drugs. It’s more of the exception than the rule. YOU NEED A STAND ALONE PART D PLAN.
  2. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, specifically a PPO or HMO plan, you must accept the Part D plan built into the plan. If the plan does not offer a Part D plan, you cannot purchase a stand alone plan without disenrolling in your health plan. 
  3. It’s more important to look at the total prescription cost vs monthly premium of your drug plan. For example, a zero cost plan could have more out of pocket costs for your drugs vs a plan with a monthly premium. EVALUATE PLANS BASED ON TOTAL OUT OF POCKET COSTS
  4. Check your plan to make sure your drugs are covered. Otherwise, your doctor may have to change your prescription to ensure you have a covered medication. 

What's The Verdict On United Healthcare Medicare Plans In Michigan?

United Healthcare is the brand everyone goes to when they think of Medicare. For those of you that are looking for a Medicare Advantage plan are out of luck. 

For Medicare Supplements, United Healthcare Medicare Michigan plans they aren’t the most competitive on the market up north. However, they’re also not the most expensive. Down south United Healthcare Medicare Michigan plans are much more competitive. 

However, a number of customer service complaints and recent changes with United Healthcare could cause you a great deal of frustration. 

Check out this article where I give you the rundown of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan!

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